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Vicious attack on a cat by 2 dogs - corner of Dunstans and Goodrich Rd

Very sad to report that I witnessed a good samaritan bringing in a critically injured cat that had been set upon by two dogs, while the owner(s) apparently stood by and did nothing.

The cat is a tabby neutered un-microchipped male, and is being cared for at the Neighbourhood Vet on lordship lane.
That's awful. The dog owners shouldn't have dogs if they can't control them. I think dogs should be on leads in the street.
Does this need to be reported to the police ?
mynamehere Wrote:

Does this need to be reported to the police ?

I think after a similar incident reported on here it was found that police can't do much with animal on animal attacks, sorry I can't find it but I'm sure someone will.
Any chance there is a description of the dogs? I'm a dog and cat owner
So very keen to track these kinds of people down.
If you could post a rough description of the dogs that would be a starting point.
Many thanks and well done to the person who rescued the cat.
I think it ought to be reported to 101 in case other cases have been reported, or others are reported in the future. Good on him.
Sorry I haven't been back to this thread in a few days.

I was at the vet when the cat was brought in, so don't have any information other than what I relayed in my original message. I'm not sure if the vet would contact the police as a matter of course?

I hope the cat's owner has been located and it pulled through. From the sounds of it, there was spinal damage and subsequent paralysis, so it didn't sound good crying smiley

As a cat owner myself, I found the whole thing very upsetting.
I would report it still, after having seen whether the vet did so. I would assume that the responsibility is on the person who witnessed the event.
Hope it makes it through; your actions will have helped.
I didn't witness it though? As I said in my original message, I was in the vet with my own cat when the kind hearted chap brought the poor cat in.

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