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Conway Road Works at Junction of Wood Vale and FH Road

I notice work (which looks quite serious) has started at this junction - does anyone know what it is for and how long it is scheduled. I am sure the information may be somewhere on the Southwark Web site but if anyone does already know I would be grateful. It's a route I regularly use (by car and bus) and it looks to be quite disruptive.
I only ask because, as of 9.00 am today, 24 hours after the lane closures were put in, causing significant tail backs, absolutely no work had started. And there is no signage indicating what sort of works are intended.
Sounds like standard Conway practise, poor planning and no concerns about disruption to residents. On 2 occasions this year in Woodwarde Rd (Feb and May?) they have put up signs asking for all cars on a 100-150 metre stretch of road to be moved for pavement repairs lasting a week. In neither case did the works happen.

They eventually did the work a couple of weeks ago but because it was holiday season or maybe because people hadn't noticed the signs now referred to July rather than May, quite a few cars were not moved.

Is there anyone at the council managing Conway or monitoring their performance?
I think this is the entry on the roadworks register. Due to run to 11 August.

LR909-238170-2 Forest Hill Road, London. Forest Hill Road on the corner of J/W Wood Vale Works Proposed Southwark
020 7525 2000

Web Site
Southwark Reset gully frame and cover & make good HRA around it with full traffic management in place. 07/08/2017
Thanks Siduhe - the location certainly fits, but as no work is taking place (at least, when I last looked this morning) it's difficult to tell whether a gully frame is being reset question mark - and clearly there is nothing made bad yet to be being made good! But full traffic management (or mismanagement, with the queues) is certainly up and running.
Hi slarti b,
They did a similar thing in Landcroft road a few weeks ago. Signposted all the lampposts and put out cones for a week of pavement repairs. Cars all duly moved and come the day they turned up and lo and behold they had posted the wrong section of the road. Of course the section of road they wanted to do was still full of cars. You could not make it up if you tried.
They also seem to work very few hours!
No sign of work this morning. Chaos last night. A bigger bugger than usual to cycle up
There was a team of 6 working on site when I walked past at 8.50am, so definitely started.
After 48 hours...
And the work appears to be finished. All the traffic controls have gone.

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