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sky broadband problem tonight

Hi anyone having issues with Sky broadband tonight? Can't seem to connect. Started about 29 minutes ago.
Ours is down too. Went down around the same time as yours.
Thanks. Still down.
There's a message on the status page now, saying they're aware of the problem and working on it. So hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Sky still seems to be down
Still not working. First the trains now the broadband. Does any infrastructure in this country work?
Same rhetoric. From Sky website:
"INC2030149 Fibre Broadband problems in BALHAM, SOUTH CLAPHAM, DULWICH andFOREST HILL. You might not be able to get online or make/receive phone calls due to a problem in your local area. We've identified the problem and engineers are on their way to fix it now. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused."
Still down...
Got a text from Sky this morning 8.40am Engineers are still working on the fibre break and should be restored later this morning..
Rhinestone Cowboy, I got that text too after I had spent a good hour trying all their 'fix it' suggestions! I wish they had sent a text last night instead...
Who broke the fibre ....

..my bets on Southern Rail
Down until lunchtime. 'Rodents have chewed through the fibre.'
Or so they say. Call me skeptical
Rodents have chewed through the fibre

This is quite possible, rat incursion into duct is not unknown. Certainly (distantly related) squirrels are a real danger in e.g house lofts when it comes to electrical and comms wiring. Such a widespread and long-run outage is almost always a function of physical damage to networks. Often accidental (JCB damage) sometimes deliberate (remember the copper cable theft in ED a few years ago) - but sometimes caused by rats, which are inquisitive and will chew into anything to see if it's worth eating.
working now
Thats what happens when you pay the bill,it starts to work
Erm....has it gone again? We had no broadband last night, it was back by mid morning but now it seems to be gone again? Or is it just me?
Yes, ours has just gone... what a pest.
Oh phew I thought it was just me! Does anybody know whether it's being worked on, and whether we can claim compensation for this?
Down again. On the phone now to see if they can sort it. Not holding my breath
Yes down again - that's really bad!!
Let us know what you find out please MichaelR88?
west dulwich as well - been out since last evening. no internet, two kids off school, working from home. nice.

"INC2030149 Broadband and Talk problems in GIPSY HILL. You might not be able to get online or make/receive phone calls due to a problem in your local area. You might not be able to get online or make/receive phone calls due to a problem in your local area. We're sorry for any inconvenience."
Yes I'm waiting to get through too but no luck! I can't make or receive calls either on landline!

I hope they compensate - the whole service costs a lot as it is!
I called up Sky last weekend and threatened to leave muffins78 and they've reduced my monthly charge by 50%, with no reduction in service (rats aside). Give it a go.
Just had a text from them. They're working on it and they're sorry. No estimated time when it will be back.
We still have no broadband but can make phone calls. Anyone getting broadband?
We are back online in Forest Hill

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