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Loud house party somewhere in Plough area?

Or top end of Friern/Barry Road?

It's annoying me from quite a distance, am feeling for the neighbours!
people cant have fun anymore even on a weekend
Pretend you're in Barcelona or somewhere .
To be fair they probably heard the British Legion which is quiet a distance.
I'm a few houses over from it and it was pretty loud near to midnight.

No issue though, they are generally pretty good with noise.

Although the Oasis sing along was unwarranted noise pollution..
We had a big garden party at the weekend. A live band too!

Invited the neighbours. Stopped at a reasonable time. We had one person come round about the noise, invited him in - and he was quite happy.

In fact, over the years this has happened, a number of neighbours just turn up and come in.

Perhaps you should just pop over
Sometimes attending a large noisy garden party without knowing anybody is the LAST thing people want to do
Could hear in on the south Circular by Dulwich Woods. Suspected it was on Dulwich College grounds or nearby.
It was in Streamline Mews, No. 7, which is a gated community off Wood Vale and Lordship Lane. My child was up all night screaming and crying, we haven't been in the area long.
was it an all-nighter?
That's a bit cheeky. After a certain point, they should go to a club.

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