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Want to meet as a group interested in playing board games? Every Thursday 19:45 in The Cherry Tree

Hello all,

I like playing board games. My friends and family, not so much! So I started this thread to see if a few people would be interested in meeting up and playing some games. I expected tumbleweed and even a little mocking... The response has been amazing! So much so, I think there are enough people interested to do this weekly. I'm not expecting people to come every week (myself included)! But there's enough interest to have people come on weeks they can or just want to and there still be a group to play with.

So every Thurs in The Cherry Tree
19:45 to be playing by 20:00.

Happy gaming!


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Had you closed with Brad Pitt and not just Brad I suspect there might have been a few takers lol xx
Splendid idea! xx

I'm hoping people might be interested in light-hearted meeting and socialising, but without the inevitable "what do you do?" and "house prices" conversations 😀 (no guarantees it won't happen anyway... Have you seen the house prices..?!)

Signed the 100% real and utterly genuine when-I'm-not-filming-I-like-playing-Ticket-To-Ride-in-an-ED-pub
Brad Pitt

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Sounds like fun. I have been banned from risk and I love the really nasty horse racing game. Do let me know if there is other interest as I would be keen.

Ooh, is that the one where you can drug the horses?! Couldn't think of the name, but that's definitely on my Love To Try list.
Hi Brad,

We just moved to ED and had a blast playing Munchkin (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6oMBSiL7Zs)the other night. Would be fun to get a few more Munchkins involved.

I like the sound of this. Was thinking of posting just such an idea! Currently playing some old school Scattergories, Uno and Rummikub...Christmas doesn't end, it just gets less chocolatey.
Hey All,

What a splendid response. I honestly expected tumbleweed! Certainly enough for a little get together. Does everybody want to meet up?

Tues, Thurs, or Fri evenings are usually best for me...

Munchkins looks fantastic. Never even heard of it before. It's about bang on my level of Geek. Not too long or complicated, a smattering of Geek, and a good social/co-op/back-stabbing element. Happy to try that.
Tuesday or Thursday for me.
Anyone else? Three is plenty enough for most games!
I have Pandemic, and a fair few others (well, more card than board games, Inc Hanabi, love letter, Kakerlaken poker, cards against humanity, though the latter might not be for a first meetup!). Love a good board game so would be up for meeting and playing but this week is no good.
Fabulous. Since coming out on here as a board game fan, I've been brave enough to speak to people about it in actual, real life - and found two who are interested as well. And somebody has DM'd me about it... So potentially three to six of us!

Tues 26th or Thurs 28 good for you guys? 20:00?
If you're free on both, please do say, as I can then offer both to the people not on The Forum and the DM'er.


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Im keen. Have monopoly deal, splat and cards against humanity to throw into the mix!!

Hey All,

So now have votes as

[email protected] either
[email protected] Tues

So Tues 26th it is! I'm sure it'll go splendidly and we'll sort another evening soon 😀 If you can't do Tues 26th but would like to be involved for next time, do post here.

If we say The Lordship? 20:00?

Hey all,

We have four confirmed for Tues 26th, 20:00, The Lordship. Should be fun!

Please do feel free to join us if you fancy it. We'll be the ones with a pile of games next to us.

Great idea Brad.

Not sure I can make this one, will keep an eye on the thread.

My husband would absolutely love to get involved with this, but unfortunatley can't do Tuesdays. Will also keep an eye on this thread for details of your next meeting!
I'd love to play Risk [was an addict of this as a teen] with other Risky folk? But am not free Tuesdays...Thursdays I am though if next time it happened to be a Thursday? Have fun next week
Had fun tonight. Cheers brad. Keep me posted of future things.
Hi guys! Great meeting you last night and playing some games. I registered to the forum so I can follow the thread. Will be looking forward to next thing!

Hi there, would love to do this, any games that aren't too complicated (operation) so will keep an eye out going forward.

You're gonna need a bigger pub
Hey All,

That was really good fun. Thanks for coming! And for being interested in making it a regular thing. Chuffed to bits to meet you guys. Some fabulous games made an appearance that I can't wait to try.

Let's make it a weekly thing.

We'll try Thurs evenings for a while, simply as there was more interest in that evening... Apologies Katanita! It has nothing at all to do with the fact that you came first and then second in the two games we played and are clearly a serious threat/contender/nemesis!! 😇

So Thurs 4th
The Cherry Tree, Grove Vale
(Trying to think of pubs, that we'll be able to get a couple of tables in on a Thurs night...)


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Who's in?

Had one PM confirming

(Though my preference would be for people just to post to The Forum about this thread, please - it's easier to manage and can virtually self-govern/organise without me needing to juggle lots of replies and report back.)

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I think that I should be able to make it, but I'll confirm 100% on Wednesday (I need to see if a few things line up nicely). I know that Robbie has a work thing that night so he won't be coming. See you on Thursday!

Hi Brad, Hi everyone,

I'm in the US for work for a couple of weeks, but will be in once I'm back.

@Brad Thanks for the PM. Missed to tick the box ;)

Thanks for the pm Brad, I hadn't ticked the box for replies, I'd love to come along on a Thursday, I might be able to come tomorrow...H
I will make it after all. See you in a bit.
Interested in joining in with this in coming weeks.
I'm new to ED so it'd be fab to meet people and play some games
Please do! Everybody has been lovely so far.

It'll be The Cherry Tree again Thurs 11th.

The staff seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing!

Thanks for another splendid eve!!

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