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Thai cooking classes,

Hi all

I just wanted to get the word out there. I am setting up Thai cooking classes in East Dulwich. I will be putting an advert and some more information on the right hand side of these page very soon. I also cater for Thai dinner parties at your home too, how exciting smiling smiley. I cooked one last week for 70 people, for a 50th birthday, everyone was very impressed and adored the food.
It would be nice to know what the ED family think and if ye fancy some Thai dinners parties, or how to learn some Thai cooking.

look forward to hearing from ye!

kindest Regards


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This sounds great! How much will the courses cost?
Hi there
The class would coat £65 with a welcome drink and 4/5 dishes. .I also hope to do student night with less dishes for £35, these will be a class of 8. . Everything will be made from scratch.
Thanks for your interest.

Hi there
The class would coat £65 with a welcome drink and 4/5 dishes. .I also hope to do student night with less dishes for £35, these will be a class of 8. . Everything will be made from scratch.
Thanks for your interest.

Hi, I am definitely interested! thanks, Jules
I am interested . thanks
I would also be interested
When you have more details I would be interested.
I am very interested! Would love more info
This is great!

check out my facebook page of recent events and upcoming classes under "services". facebook page. deethechef

Any question please ask or email deethechef@cookinghappy.co.uk
Please find attached cooking happys official poster!. smiling smiley

Sounds amazing! Local cooking class! And Thai as well! I’d like to sing up please.
Can you also share some more information about the parties please, I would be interested in organising one for my husband’s upcoming birthday.
Hi There

Thanks for your interest, I have two spaces left for Tuesday the 15th if you would like to join, I recommend that you bring a friend. the menu is on my facebook page at . .deethechef.., under cooking happy. I am working on a website where you will be able to book and pay online soon, should be ready by next week.
Regarding your dinner party if you call me , we can meet and arrange a menu and a price plan that suits you.

Have a lovely day and I look forward to meeting you.

deethechef, from cooking happy smiling smiley

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I'm also very excited by this - but both husband and I are vegetarian. Any chance of a veggie night now and again?
Certainly can. Thai food is perfect cuisine for vegetarians. . I'll write u up a menu and we can get a date booked in asap.

How about a miang of beta leaf and pomelo.
Hot and sour soup of mushroom and Asian vegetables, or a tom kha, which is a hot and sour soup with coconut!
Green curry of thai aubergines basil and gra chai, and a green payapa salad if we can fit it in:.

The next available date is the 29th?. Let me know if that suits and I'll get a group together.


One space left for Tuesdays 22nd/11 Thai cooking class. smiling smiley

There has being a interest in running a vergetarian Thai cooking class . Next available is the 29/11. Fours spaces available.

There has being an interest in running a vegetarian Thai cooking class
Here is the proposed menu
Four space available. 29/11 from 6pm to 9.30pm


Dtom Kha soup ,with chanterelles and oyster mushroom. (coconut and galangal).
Geng gwio warn...Green curry of corn, long chillies, thai aubergines basil and gra chai,
Som dtam. Green payapa salad
Coconut jasmin rice.
please e mail or call to book.
0797 114 7999
Apologies! After requesting the veggie classes I went quiet! I would love to do a veggie night - but Tuesdays are very difficult for me as I run one of the local Girl Guides on Tuesdays. The only Tuesday I could do this year is the 20th December as the schools break up.
Sorry, I should have read the original message more closely.
If you ever do a non-Tuesday or non-Monday (Brownies night) I would be very, very interested.
Great class last night Dee, I enjoyed every bit of it! Well thought recipes that I can actually make myself at home and impress my guests, the ingredients are easy to find locally and the dishes were all soo tasty (still can’t believe I made something so yummie! :-)). Fantastic atmosphere as well, lovely people; it was a bit like a night out with friends but I also learnt so much. Great teaching, you are such an expert, I don’t think there was one question that you couldn’t answer (and there were a lot of questions! :-)) Will be coming back soon for sure! xx
Wow Karolina, thanks for the lovely feedback, I also had a great night, was very relaxed and fun, do come again.
Regarding previous post tracymcdavis . I can do a Wednesday with some notice, if you give me a date, ill see what we can do.
all the best and thanks again Karolinasmiling smiley XX

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Dear Dee

Can I book 2 places on your cooking classes please for the 6th

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Hi there
So there is a new date available for our Thai class 15/12,
Also a nice idea for christmas/birthday present, buy in advance and book a date in when it suits ye. I have had a Birthday party class of 8 friends, it was good fun smiling smiley
Have a great day


deethechef@cookinghappy.o.uk FB page deethechef then cooking happy.

These classes are great for xmas presents. We can arrange a date beforehand or later in the year.

Hello Dee

Does your email work, I have sent a couple but all bounced back
Hi , yes it dose. I have just replied.


Happy new year to you!

So there is Two cooking classes in January, the 18/1 and the 25/1. There is spaces available for the 25th.

On this one I will be teaching Thai classic dishes

Green curry of prawns with grachai, Thai basil and pea aubergines.

A Tom Kha Gai, which is a hot and sour soup with fresh coconut, with lemongrass, galangal, chillies

A green payapa salad with steamed coconut rice, followed by sweet mango sticky rice, Yum!

We cook all from scratch, then sit and eat it together.
BYO drink and your apronssmiling smiley

All dishes can be substituted for a vegetarian/fish options.

for more info call 0797 114 7999 or facebook page deethechef then click on cooking happy or e mail deethechef@cookinghappy.co.uksmiling smiley

Enjoy the rest of your day

Deee X

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Hi, good morning

There is one space available for the 18th/1 class.


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