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Self protection seminar for all 15th July 15:00-20:00, £25

Certified Self Protection Seminar with Master Alan Cook

Walters Taekwondo will be hosting a 5 hour certified self protection seminar on July 15th. The seminar is suitable for people of all abilities and is designed to cover the following aspects of self protection:

Identifying danger
Avoiding danger
Verbal de-escalation
Release techniques
Self protection law

Martial-art experience is not necessary. This self-protection seminar is designed to focus on real-life, practical and simple solutions to potential dangers.

During the last few weeks we've had frequent requests for a self-protection seminar. Many people are feeling less safe due to recent events and would like to feel more prepared should they ever need to protect themselves. This course is full of great techniques and useful tips to keep us all safer in future.

Booking required. walterstaekwondo@hotmail.co.uk
Flyer attached.
Spaces still available. Advanced booking required!

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