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Dr Bike will fix your bike for free July 13th (today)

Dr Bike and his expert team will fine-tune your bike — tighten the brakes, index the gears and pump up the tyres. His team of support workers will be offering maps, info and gossip. Sadly, no coffee. 5.30-7.30pm.

The new TfL cycling maps will be available and freely distributed if you get there on time. If you want to order your own you can do that here: [tfl.gov.uk] . You can only order 6 at a time unless you pretend to be very important in which case they probably try and send you a bill.

To help you find all the wonderfulness, Peckham Arch looks like this: [upload.wikimedia.org] And the map to find the Arch looks like this: [www.google.co.uk]


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