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Tenors and Basses wanted for an adult show choir coming to ED in September

Very excited to announce our new performance choir Tongue & Groove starts rehearsals in September.

Stating in September, weekly rehearsals on Tuesday evenings at a local ED venue and we're enrolling members now.
Get in touch for more details.

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I am interested ...can you let me know where and when

Hi, I've sent you a PM.
Enrolling going well but we'd love to have some of you men out there join us.......
Still a few places left.....

Please could I have more details of this?

Thank you!
Hi Chatterbug 13, I've sent you a PM.
Soprano and Alto spaces nearly full but still room for Tenors and Bass.
Soprano places full (waiting list now open ) , Altos nearly full, we still have room for Tenors and Bass.
Hi Caz, I have send you a PM
Hi Yaya, thanks for your PM. Your partner should be getting an email with all the details in the next couple of days.
Thank you Caz
Waiting list for soprano and alto now open as places for those parts are full but still room for more tenors and bass.
Tenor and bass section places still available.
Still have a couple of tenor and bass places......
Update on start date..
Rehearsals now starting on Tuesday 3rd October 7-9 at the Dulwich Constitutional Club on East Dulwich Grove.
A few tenor and bass places to fill.......
Two weeks to our first rehearsal !!!!! A couple of tenor and bass places left.

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