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free bike maintenance August 10th

The rain will have stopped by then (say the weathermen).

Dr Bike is a team of three mechanics, one professional and two top amateurs, sorting out the bikes of all comers. They will index gears, tighten brakes, pump up tyres and give wise advice on every bike topic known to personkind.

They will be under Peckham Arch from 5.30-7.30pm tomorrow Thursday August 10th. If it's raining they will be sheltering under the Arch. If not they will be enjoying the glorious sunshine at the top of the ramp. Attendants will be sorting out the queue, gossiping and handing out maps and cycling info.

The Arch looks like this [upload.wikimedia.org]

it is at the north end of Rye Lane where it crosses Peckham High Street. I've just spent 20 fruitless minutes trying to get Google to give me a proper map so, kindly accept a verbal picture instead.

[southwarkcyclists.org.uk] or text me on 07842 640 207

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