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How to embed a photo

Step 1: Sign in or make an account at www.photobucket.com

Step 2: Click upload and chose the file/s you want to upload

Step 3: !Important! Click edit on your photo once it has uploaded, Then select re-size. This will make sure your image is not to big for the screen and take up too much space. I would suggest a size width of around 300-400.


Step 4: Click on the image you want to put on eastdulwichforum and copy the code in the "links to share this photo" You just need to copy the IMG one.

Step 5: Paste the code from the Img code box into the text box.

Done! Any problems or questions please post up or pm me!.
It is also possible to add them from [imgur.com] without signing in.

Click on 'upload image' then select and upload your image(s).

Under the 'Share this Image' header copy the BB Code(forums) text and paste it into your EDF message.

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