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Antique 'Indian' Bookshelf for sale

Handmade indian bookshelf for sale.
£450 ONO.

Excellent condition.
A collector's piece.

Made from hardwood, most likely mahogany or cherry.
Very heavy.

Height: 182cm
Width: top 106cm; otherwise 91cm,

I can only attach one images as the others are too big.
Please give me your email and I can email other pictures.
Reduced to sell. £400. ONO.

Come on, talk to me.
Okay. Monday madness continues..........

£360 ONO.
Hey there! Yes? What? No way.

Step right up now, hurry hurry hurry! Here comes the deal of the decade, the sale of century, the EDF PDF PDQ !

Reduced to £340 ONO.

Make me an offer! It is a beautiful piece.
Someone did come on down and secured themselves a rather nice piece of furniture.....
Well done them.

Item has been sold.
Close thread.

Thank you.

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