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Internal Victorian Door - £5.

Internal Victorian door for sale. I can't attach an image can email pictures......

190cm H x 68cm W x 3.2cm D

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After a bevvy of photo requests and emails whizzing back and forth, I still have the door.
So good news, Monday madness....

Come and get it.
15 quid..........come and get it.
Seriously, if you want it, come and get it.

When is a door not a door?

When it is a jar.
Please take it.

I will chuck the radiator in as well, although it is a freebie......but a nice gift for someone who wants an old radiator.
Reduced to a fiver. I will also donate an additional fiver to the Grenfill charity.
has the door gone? I need a door and will take it off you if so (though have also replied to another ad for a door today - am in rather urgent need!)
Door still here. I have PM's you
Door still here.
£5 collection only.
Come and get it.

Come on.

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