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Stackable wooden ikea shelf unit (4 shelves)

4 individual shelves that can be stacked and screwed together into a single unit. Can also be used as individual side tables by turning them on their side. Light wood with dark red metal edges.

Includes two removable panels that can make half a shelf on the top of a unit, or the top of a side table. This will make more sense if you look at the pics.

I think they're really stylish but just can't find a space for them anymore. Can't seem find them on the Ikea site any more but bought them around 1 and a half years ago. They're in really good condition, but one of the panels that goes on top has a very feint small blue stain on it.

All 4 shelves are 140cm tall when stacked together, and the individual shelves are each 35cm high x 60cm wide x 30cm deep.

£25, to be collected from near East Dulwich Hospital.

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Anyone who didn't see this yesterday? Can possible deliver to someone around East Dulwich if necessary.
Had an offer for £20 through another avenue but would prefer for someone from EDF to collect if possible, so still available but only until the end of the day,
Hope you are well!
Just saw your post and I would be really interested in this item.
Is it still available by any chance?
We are moving in East Dulwich and I think your shelving unit would look really nice in our lovely new home.
Let me know!
I can come collect it Thursday.

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